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Completo TorontoCompleto is a tiny little popup stand nestled in a Kensington Market alley. Amidst the graffiti walls and the plastic tables, you’d swear you’re somewhere in South America. Especially when you see the prices.

Completo TorontoEnter the Completo ($6). The Cuban inspired street sandwich didn’t even have a name until first time restaurateurs, Matias Balmaceda and Brett Williams tell me, “Just call it the Completo.” There’s something refreshing about two guys who don’t bother much about the name of a sandwich, just how amazing it tastes. And damn, does it taste amazing.

Completo TorontoThe Completo features perfectly seasoned and grilled Triple A sirloin steak that melts in your mouth. Add a huge slab of mashed avocado, diced tomatoes, a little mayo and two house made sauces: a light and watery red sauce, and a spicy green salsa made with roasted habanero, then blended with fresh jalapenos. The end result is a perfectly smoky and piquant flavour, which works wonders with the incredibly soft bun. As a bonus, all ingredients come within a 5km radius in the Market.

Completo TorontoIf you’re looking for something different, try their very own invention, Steak and Egg Fries. It puts the poutine to shame. Imagine this, fresh cut string fries, boxed in with the same grilled steak and covered with a blanket of two sunny side up eggs. Mix it all in and you have a smorgasbord of deliciousness, almost like breakfast in a box. Wash that done with some homemade iced tea and you got yourself a winning combination all for just $10.

In the future, they’ll be adding a veggie sandwich and Greek fries with the “best imported feta you’ve ever had in your life,” says Matias.

The cash only stand is open from Thursday to Sunday, weather permitting, and will only stick around until October. But fear not, the boys are looking for a permanent location to make Cuban inspired street food a mainstay in the city. So if anyone has a location for them, hit up Matias and Brett and do us all a favour.

Writing by Toto Schillaci. Photos by Ike Ford.

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